Tuesday, November 29, 2011

the 10 rules of blogging

so here is post numero uno for this blog/blogger - through a couple of searches I found various "rules to blogging" and decided to compile a few of them here.  a few good ones, a few lame ones, and a few I plan to break continuously:

  • One: Always post quality content. - when I eat I just go for quantity and focus less on quality, isn't the point to just not go hungry? In regard to this blog, I'll be posting responses to various topics and they will all have the quality of a filet mignon.
  • Two: Don't use words everyone won't understand. - this rule has a liberal feel to it.  sounds similar to the public education system, but then again that's where my vocab. was formed :o! I ain't gonna be all that cognizant of this rule.
  • Three: Brevity is important! - my first thought is, "doesn't using the word brevity break rule #2?" my second thought is, "sounds like a good rule to me!"
  • Four: Blog regularly, just not too often. - i'll make an attempt to post something every week or so, but I wouldn't advise putting a reminder in your iCal.
  • Five: Create Killer Titles. - all jokes aside, I believe in absolute truth, right and wrong, and thus refuse to create a murderous headline.  actually, this makes sense and titles here will be AWESOME!
  • Six: Credit sources. - duh. i'd rather not be sued and that is definitely a threat in this litigious society.  so in effort to credit the sources behind everything in this post: Thank you mom, dad, and Jesus.
  • Seven: Blog on things you know. - what if you know everything? how would you then incorporate brevity.  I don't, so I will.
  • Eight: Guest blogging - share the love. - this is my house! But... if anyone really wants to post on here for some odd reason let me know.  Hailey (my wife) may make a guest appearance occasionally to share some of her wisdom.
  • Nine: Use proper grammar and spelling. - i despise poore speelling, but grammar? eh, who cares when the thoughts are sheer brilliance.
  • Ten: Read your post out loud BEFORE posting. - you will never know... bahaha! enjoy that, I'll probably never use "bahaha" again.